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The Soul Garden

Georgina Langdale

The Soul Garden is where Georgina Langdale,  soul guide and ecotherapist explores nature-based wisdom, spirituality and contemplative practices to help us .

Drawing inspiration from nature's wisdom and timeless teachings, and urged on by the changing times we are in, Georgina offers ways for you to define and cultivate your soul purpose, and explore and develop your innate connections with your people, your sense of self, and your world.

Georgina is inspired by extraordinary healers in history, including Hildegard of Bingen, Renaissance 'physician of the Soul', Marsilio Ficino, as well as contemporary thinkers and doers. In 2013 she founded the intentional, artisanal and award-winning apothecary Archeus. 

Whether this is about quiet self-development, or empowering you to step forward and contribute to creating positive change in this world, you will find support, encouragement and tools for your journey here.