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New Year New You! Renaissance Reading

January 05, 2024 Georgina Langdale Episode 40
The Soul Garden
New Year New You! Renaissance Reading
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It's that time of the year when we ask ourselves the big questions about who we really are, what are we doing, are we truly answering our calling. We set goals for the year ahead, dream about that career change, wonder what claiming one's true self after menopause could look like, we think about the art we could create, and the service to others we could offer.

And we can get stuck.

If you are looking for a way through the puzzling and self-doubt then a Renaissance soul session with me could be just the thing to help you unlock your potential and fling open the doors to your true self-expression.

I draw on the way the Italian Renaissance 'soul doctor' Marsilio Ficino worked with his clients, helping them find their guiding star and deepen their connections to nature, spirit and cosmos so that they could confidentially move forward with their dreams and wishes.

And I talk about this offering in this week's episode of The Soul Garden

“Georgina led me on a beautiful journey that left me feeling inspired, on purpose, and powerful.” - Brenna

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This is the Soul Garden, where we explore the inner and outer workings of living in a connected world. And my name is Georgina Langdale. Hello, and Happy New Year to you 2024 My Goodness me. And well what does the new year bring? It brings that time for reflection and to do lists and resolutions and all the things that we wish for, for the year ahead. And so I thought that I would start my year ahead, by telling you about something that I do that I think it can be really, really helpful. If you're looking for things to help you figure out the figuring out of yourself, that you need to help you make the most of the year that's coming ahead. And this thing I offer is called Unlocking Potential. I'm a huge fan of looking back through time to help us in the way we navigate the times that we are facing right now. I used to use this phrase years ago, ancient wisdom for modern living. And I remember at the time somebody in New York said to me, what does that mean? And I went well, it means what it means ancient wisdom to help us with modern living. And now, you know, it's 10 years on since I started using that, and it's really, that idea is coming in more and more into sort of mainstream thinking, which I think is great. We have so much to learn from the past. And so with new year, one of the ways that I work with thinking and wisdom from the past is with a an offering I call or a nascence reading, and it's called Unlocking Potential. So what is Unlocking Potential? What is this renaissance reading? You know, what it's like, you know, sometimes you think I think I know what I want and where I'm going. But I would love maybe like a little nudge, or a sign or you could be thinking, oh my goodness, I just kind of have lost sight of my strengths and my gifts. Maybe there are times when you know, you're thinking I want a career change. But what do I really want to do? I don't know where to put myself what are what what direction should I point in? Am I an artist or a diplomat or nurse or sales rep. I don't know what I am. I just need some help figuring me out. And this is where Unlocking Potential can be really, really helpful. I've taken inspiration for this offering from the work of the 15th century physician and philosopher Marsilio Ficino, and he lived in Florence in the late 1400s and was under the patronage of the medina chi family. And he translated Plato's texts from Greek into Latin. And this kind of lit a fire in a spark that lit up the whole of that amazing renascence creativity that we know that Botticelli's and Da Vinci's and Michelangelo's of the world. Picture Ficino, in his villa on the outskirts of Florence, and around the villa centered gardens and it's very, very beautiful. And you go to see him because you're trying to get into optimal well being of body, soul and spirit for the year ahead, and Ficino will take your date of birth and time and place of birth. And he will draw up your astrological chart for you. Because right up until well into the 1600s, it was believed that emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and soul well being was a direct consequence of our relationship with nature, spirit and Cosmos. And so by mapping you astrologically, then you could start to get a sense of your connections with Cosmos, and then into nature, and so many other things. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that to be a physician, one must first know the stars. So in the in the spirit of Ficino, draw up your astrological chart, and then interpret it. So for me when I'm looking at this, I take the chart in the same way that Ficino would have, and I'm really trying to see not, if you're going to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger in a bookshop on Saturday, I'm looking the other direction. I'm looking to see, what does this astrological map give me with regards to hints as to your strengths, and where your passions may lie where your gifts may lie? Where is your guiding star? How can we with this map on Earth, your own unique potential and magic, we spend time looking at that together. And it can be uncannily and weirdly, illuminating. I've had so many clients that have said, Wow, I feel like I'm really being seen for the first time. It's, it's quite exciting actually. Then because nature is where I always returned to, I use this astrological map, to look at clues as to the places in nature that might help really feed you at a soul level. So here's the other thing in all of this, this is real soul therapy, Soul medicine. Ficino said that if the soul is ailing, then the rest of you is ailing, you'll never really find true health and well being if the soul if your soul is suffering. So, again, this map is helping find the things that nurture and nourish your soul. So we look at who may be your plant allies, and what may be the landscapes that really resonate with you at a soul level. So again, the ancients thought that just as we had our astrological map and resonances, and connections, so to do plants, there's this idea of the doctrine of signatures were a plant we can tell. It's medicine and its healing. And its its uses, by the way it grows and how it looks and how it relates to other plants around it. It this also gives us, its astrological rulers and leadership. So we start to see you in relation to the natural world. What this does is it gives you tools to work with, you know, I think we're all in these modern times, looking for resilience, ways to find resilience, and ways to manage our own self care. So we don't just get completely overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us and the news that we see on our screens and things. So finding these resonances in, in nature gives you tools to work within your life, and those tools may be picturing or visiting a landscape that just makes you think, Ah, I love this. It could be thinking about the plants that you have growing around you it could be thinking about the aromatics. If you use a spirit medicine, you might even commissioned me to make some aromatic spirit medicine for you, just for you to help body and soul and spirits saying, you may think about the food that you eat. So the plants that you're going to include in your diet as food or as herbal tinctures, all of these sorts of things. Everything in this beautiful mapping of you, makes everything connected. We also use this map to think about the creation of the amulets that help draw in the power of the cosmos, that is going to really nourish and nurture and fuel your unique potential. So Ficino would say, look, the art that you look at the images that you look at social media, and this content world today, TV, these sorts of things. All of these things are in a way amulets that draw down the powers of the universe, the powers of the cosmos, that well ordered, harmonious universe that has everything in it needed for flourishing of life, he would say, what is it that you want to draw down and around you, because the art and the images that you look at, are going to draw in a certain energy? What is the energy you want? So in this Unlocking Potential, we think about what are the things that you need around you, so that so that you flourish? And what is that flourishing? Is it developing your ways of self expression? Or artistry? Or is aesthetic creation? Is it the family life that you're creating the food you're creating? Is it the work you do the way that you are of service in this world? And what could that service be? And what are the things that you have around you that will help you make that happen, and help you make that happen? In 2024, it is really kind of phenomenal. What can happen during through these Unlocking Potential sessions. Some people use this reading just because simply because they're curious. Others are using it because of some sort of life transition. They're going through change of location, change of career, stepping out as the artist you always wanted to be going through menopause and coming out the other side of that whole menopause transition and going, Who am I now? And what do I want to do as my life same if you've gone through an illness, like cancer treatment, for example, I have a number of clients that come to me to get their life back on track and to help create their own sense of destiny, you know, after months of putting your life and your well being into the hands of others to make all these decisions about treatment and care and this and that. This Unlocking Potential reading kind of helps place power back in your own hands. And who doesn't want that. So we look at all of these things. And we look at the ways that you can really start putting this into practice. You know, this isn't just something that's kind of esoteric. This is really, really practical. We take these discoveries we've made and then we come up with a plan. To give you the context, when you book an unlocked, Unlocking Potential session with me, you book it on my website, Georgina And I need a bit of time to do all this prep work for us is it's quite involved this whole session. And but we've set a time and our diaries where we're going to meet for 90 minutes together on Zoom. And I'm going to show you these charts. We're going to talk through them and for 90 minutes. This is your time to explore your self and it's just neat. So we do that, we look at nature, we look at the amulets and the things that can really help you set up that as Virgina would say sympathetic vibration with the world around you. Find the things that make your soul sing, find the the strengths, and the opportunities that are kind of lying within this map of your soul. I also send you a recording of the zoom session and a PDF of the charts so that you're really able to see all of these things that we go through and that you can return to the recording. This is a frequent bit of feedback I get from clients who say, they're so glad they've had the recording to go back to three months, six months, eight months later, in the future, if you want to see, well, what's happening in the sky and the, with the planets and things this year, and how does it relate to me, we can do that. It's called a transit report. And we can do that quite easily. So there's a there's a, an ability to book that once you've had your Unlocking Potential Renaissance reading. The other thing that can happen is you might think that you've done this, but now you need a hand, kind of sticking to the program as it were. And that's when you can book some coaching sessions with me. And you can book a one off one if you like. Or you could save some money by booking a few at a time. And I can be your mentor, and your life transition guide. And really help you empower yourself through the year ahead. And so I think it's a really cool way to start off the year if you've never done one with me before. Why don't you just book An Unlocking Potential session and let's do this thing. It is so, so illuminating. And if you have done this with me before, why not book a transit report, update and check in again, and we can see what all this movement in the cosmos and universe above us is going to mean or could give you in terms of tools to work with? For this year ahead? I'd love to do that for you. So there is a New Year's offering from me, I'd love to see you. Together. You and I in zoom online going through this. If you've got a question about how you move forward in life, maybe you're stuck. Maybe you're going through a transition, maybe you're wanting to make a change. Maybe you're wanting to unlock your creativity, whatever it is, this could help you find the tools to make this year something really phenomenal. Unlocking Potential the Renaissance Soul Session, it's on my website, you can book easily online with me. And if you're in a timezone that the calendar, when you see the calendar and you're like, Ah, those times really don't work for me. Why don't you drop me an email, and we can figure out a time that will suit that maybe a bit out of my office hours, but we can get something that will work for both of us. So yeah, that's what I wanted to share for you new year's resolution, new views, new insights, new empowerment, new ideas, new you. You've been listening to me Georgina Langdale here at the soul garden. It's been lovely to have you here. And if you want to have a look at this offering, then check it out, Unlocking Potential Renaissance soul session at Georgina And I look forward to talking to you again next week. Until then, go well. Bye