The Soul Garden

Upon the altar - healing for a friend

March 17, 2023 Georgina Langdale Episode 27
The Soul Garden
Upon the altar - healing for a friend
Show Notes

In this week's episode I'm sharing a healing meditation and visualisation I recorded today for a friend who is going through cancer treatment. I wanted to create something that she might find gives her comfort during her treatment, that may help her activate the healing her body wishes for at this time.

After I sent it to her I thought of how it might give comfort to others too. It could be a place of quiet refuge that helps healing happen. That supports the soul and spirit at this time.

If you need a bit of healing right now, a bit of love then I hope this helps. And if you know someone who may find comfort in it, then please do feel free to share this link and spread the love. 
The meditation itself starts at 5.10".
Go well, 

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