The Soul Garden

Conversation with a Funeral Director

April 29, 2021 Georgina Langdale Episode 6
The Soul Garden
Conversation with a Funeral Director
Show Notes

In this episode of the Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale is joined by third generation funeral director, Terry Longley in a warm, thoughtful and informative discussion on what happens after someone dies. 

Statistics say that most people will only have direct experience of having to manage the funeral of 2.3 people in a lifetime. That doesn't give us much practice at knowing what to do!

So in this interview Georgina and Terry explore the deathcare landscape in New Zealand and a range of topics including:

  • The role of the funeral director
  • The importance of visitation
  • How to care for a body at home
  • Embalming 
  • Deaths referred to the Coroner
  • and what do do if someone dies at home

Many thanks to Terry Longley for taking part in this episode. You can find him at

You can learn more about end of life care with Georgina at

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