The Soul Garden

Plant Essences as Bridge Builders

October 08, 2021 Georgina Langdale Season 1
The Soul Garden
Plant Essences as Bridge Builders
Show Notes

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing that you could connect into something bigger, into nature to help you feel grounded or to help you through the tough stuff? In this episode of the Soul Garden we are going to look at plant essences, which are beautiful, beautiful bridge builders between us and the natural world. I hope you enjoy this episode with me, Georgina Langdale and the Soul Garden.

Plant essences invite us to observe the natural world more deeply and for us to become really cognizant of our resonances with the natural world. The resonances that can bring us back into balance that can support us through the tough stuff of life.  In doing this, we start really tapping into an ancient way of being with the natural world. We start to see ourselves reflected in nature around us, and we start to find our natural allies. And this is absolutely beautiful nature therapy. This is medicine for the soul.

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