The Soul Garden

Dangerous Age - the menopause transition

April 19, 2022 Georgina Langdale Episode 18
The Soul Garden
Dangerous Age - the menopause transition
Show Notes

In addition to the teaching and coaching that helps people deepen their connection to nature, develop compassionate communication skills to help in life, and at the end of life, and help the changemakers committed to building a sustainable future, I also have part of my business dedicated to helping and supporting women as they go through the menopause transition. I recorded this episode the other day for a podcast I called The Dangerous Age - I put it upon my NatFem website, but thought I should share it here as well. In fact I will probably merge it into this Soul Garden podcast so everything is all in the one place. So, without further ado, in this Dangerous Age episode I talk with GP and women's health expert Dr. Samantha Newman about HRT, the Mirena and menopause.

Sam's private practice is called FEMALE GP and can be found here:

You can find her show on Radio Kidnappers here.

NatFem Botanics is a range of natural and organic products for menopause and beyond, including vegan and non-vegan balms for vaginal dryness. You can find the range here and we ship internationally:

The book Sam mentioned is The Vagina Bible: Vulva and Vagina - Separating the Myth From the Medicine, by Jennifer Gunter.

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