The Soul Garden

Marsilio Ficino The Soul Doctor

July 26, 2022 Georgina Langdale Season 1
The Soul Garden
Marsilio Ficino The Soul Doctor
Show Notes

In this episode of the Soul Garden presenter Georgina Langdale takes a look at the 15th Century physician, philosopher and priest, Marsilio Ficino.

Ficino has been a key influence in Georgina's work as a herbalist, healer, end of life carer and energy worker. She shares some of the things she loves about him and how he has inspired her 'Planets Within' collection of natural perfume, skin serums and creams and a flower essence elixir for her Atelier Signatum Naturalis range.

Ficino is an extraordinary man whose wisdom rolls down through the ages for our times today. He saw our health and wellbeing within the context of our relationship with nature and cosmos, and he saw care of the soul as central to life. Astrology, herbology, music and art are all part of the lexicon of this self-proclaimed 'Physician of the Soul'.

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