The Soul Garden

Meditation for Mother Earth

August 21, 2022 Georgina Langdale Season 1 Episode 23
The Soul Garden
Meditation for Mother Earth
Show Notes

Sometimes we just feel the need to take a deep breath and pray for peace. This meditation is one I have created to extend that peace to this planet, to our Mother Earth. It is an invitation to come together in a message of healing for this planet, for ourselves.

I've been so troubled by the language that is increasingly being used to describe Nature. it is a language of battle, of fury, of revenge. This earth doesn't want battles, it wants balance. This earth does not want fury, it wants peace. I think we all really just want peace.

Our relationship with nature, as part of nature and cosmos is central to all the work I do, from coaching and guidance, to teaching. from end of life care, to creating ceremony and helping people explore their soul purpose. In the apothecary I create products that are imbued with the healing power of nature, from balms to tree and flower essences.  And in my daily life I meditate, visualise and connect to nature, and in connecting with nature, I connect with my own true essence.

This episode shares a moment of this connection so that together, we can raise the frequency of healing and hope.


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