The Soul Garden

Song for a Friend

October 05, 2022 Georgina Langdale Season 1 Episode 24
The Soul Garden
Song for a Friend
Show Notes

Why is it that we find out so much about those when love only when we are at their funeral?

Sometimes inspiration for a podcast episode sneaks right up on you and compels you to sit down in front of the microphone and speak from the heart.

This is one of those episodes. Short. Sweet and hopefully helpful. In it I explore things left unexplored and the beauty and sadness of the things we discover only after we lose someone we love.

Thank you Stevie Nicks for your beautiful classic Fleetwood Mac song 'Landslide'  as your music made this moment happen.

While this episode is for my friend Ruth, I do think that really, it is for all the people we all love and cherish.

Georgina x

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